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Experience world-class osteopathic care right in the heart of Europe with Osteo Nordic. Originating in Denmark, with a heritage of over 15 exceptional osteopath clinics, we are now extending our high-quality care to the rest of Europe. At Osteo Nordic, we’re proud to bring our time-honored practices and innovative techniques to your doorstep.

We believe that good health is not a luxury—it is a fundamental right.

That’s why we’re committed to providing personalized and comprehensive osteopathic care that helps our patients move, work, and live pain-free.

Ivar Dagsson
Ivar Dagsson

Co-founder & CEO. Authorized Osteopath D.O.M.R.O.DK., authorized physiotherapist, and INS therapist

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🇸🇪 Fulltime in Norway

Country Manager for Sweden, Osteo Nordic

Are you a dynamic leader with a proven track record in healthcare management? Are you looking for an opportunity to make a significant impact on a growing company in the osteopathic field? If so, we want to hear from you! At Osteo Nordic, Denmark’s leading network of osteopathy clinics, we’re setting our sights on the beautiful highlands of Sweden. To help us realize this exciting expansion, we’re seeking a talented and motivated Country Manager to lead our operations in Sweden.


🇸🇪 Fulltime in Norway

🇳🇴 Fulltime in Norway

Country Manager for Norway, Osteo Nordic

Osteo Nordic, Denmark’s premier osteopathy clinic network, is charting a new course towards the spectacular vistas of Norway. As we venture into this thrilling phase of our growth journey, we’re in search of an exceptional Country Manager. This key role will not only shape our operations in Norway but also play a crucial part in defining our legacy in the Scandinavian healthcare sector. In this strategic role, the successful candidate will guide Osteo Nordic’s entry into Norway, creating a solid foundation for our clinics and setting the standard for osteopathic care in the country.


🇳🇴 Fulltime in Norway

🇮🇸 Fulltime on Iceland

Country Manager for Iceland, Osteo Nordic

As Osteo Nordic, the renowned Danish network of osteopathy clinics, sets sail towards the magnificent landscapes of Iceland, we’re in need of an exceptional Country Manager to helm our operations. This pivotal role will not only establish our Icelandic presence but also drive our efforts in providing exemplary osteopathic care across the country. The successful candidate will steer Osteo Nordic’s Icelandic expansion, laying the groundwork for our clinics and championing our high standards of osteopathic care.


🇮🇸 Fulltime on Iceland


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    Our Journey of Spreading Osteopathy

    Since 2014, Aarhus Osteopathy and Physiotherapy has been established in Aarhus C, where we serve patients from all over Aarhus and its surrounding regions. In April 2020, Aarhus Osteopathy expanded to Copenhagen.

    Over the years, we’ve noticed a growing demand and interest in our company’s expertise in Copenhagen, where we now aim to contribute the same quality of work we perform here in Jutland and Central Jutland.

    We cater to patients throughout the whole of Copenhagen.

    In 2021, we opened another clinic in Vejle to serve patients in the triangle area. In the summer of the same year, we opened a new clinic in Aalborg to cater to patients from all over North Jutland. Later in the year, we opened a clinic in Herning to serve the whole of Central Jutland and beyond, as well as a clinic in Esbjerg where we provide services to all surrounding towns. In the summer of 2022, we opened branches in Næstved and Holstebro. In January 2023, we opened a department in Haderslev.

    As we continue to broaden our reach and serve more communities, we’re excited to announce our latest development: we are now setting course for European expansion.

    This exciting new phase marks a significant step in our journey to spread osteopathy and enhance access to quality healthcare services across Europe.


    What Sets Us Apart as Practitioners?

    Across Denmark, there’s a vast group of people who have had to accept living with their discomfort or pain. Many have tried an array of different treatments, some of which have helped, while others haven’t made any difference to their condition.

    We at Aarhus Osteopathy cater to this group, as well as most others who are grappling with injuries.

    What makes us unique at Aarhus Osteopathy is that we’re specialists and experts in handling problems in all body systems (circulatory, organ, hormone and metabolic systems, craniosacral system, psychological system, autonomic nervous system, as well as various other nervous systems we can effectively manage).

    We go beyond just focusing on the musculoskeletal system (muscles, tendons, and connective tissues) that most other practitioners primarily deal with.

    As we’re setting our sights beyond our Danish roots and eyeing European expansion, we strive to redefine healthcare by providing a comprehensive approach to treatment and rehabilitation.

    Our expertise isn’t confined within the borders of Denmark; we’re an international company dedicated to enhancing quality of life, managing complex health issues, and offering integrated healthcare solutions to people across Europe.

    Interdisciplinary Approach Across Clinics

    In our clinics, we highly value interdisciplinary collaboration. Our team comprises trained osteopaths, physiotherapists, masseurs, craniosacral therapists, acupuncturists, and more. This allows for a vibrant dynamic and quality assurance of treatments for our patients.

    We can always find a treatment method that suits each patient individually, and patients can be confident that the cause of their problem or pain will almost always be discovered and treated by our diverse practitioners.

    A distinguishing feature of our clinics is that we ensure you understand why your body isn’t functioning optimally and what mechanisms are at play regarding your pain or dysfunction. We place great emphasis on communicating with our patients, so they’re involved in a shared treatment plan. Combining specialist manual treatment and therapeutic education about their body and function is an extremely effective tool to tackle pain.

    As we embark on our European expansion, we’re eager to share and exchange knowledge across borders. Our comprehensive, patient-centric approach will not just be confined within our clinics. We aim to leverage our diverse expertise and interdisciplinary approach to advance healthcare and pain management beyond Denmark.

    This means not only sharing knowledge with our patients but also fostering international collaboration and learning amongst practitioners. In doing so, we believe we can further enhance the quality of treatments and enrich the patient experience.